FAQ - Stock Trial Exhibits

What are the Benefits of Using Stock trial Exhibits?

High Quality Trial exhibits - Clear, concise and medically accurate trial exhibits

Quick turnaround - Instant download or get a large printed trial exhibit shipped out right away

• Easy - You can browse through assorted trial exhibits online and buy instantly with a credit card

Low Cost - Lower cost trial exhibit when you need effective visuals for your injury case

Re Usable - Trial Exhibits can be reused in other similar cases saving time and money


When should I use Stock trial Exhibits?

Stock trial exhibits should be used for any of the following:

You Need: Simple, clear and concise trial exhibit(s) are needed to show general anatomy, a common injury or surgery

You Have: Short notice - You need an exhibit for your upcoming case right away, without enough time to have custom exhibits created

Your Budget:  You have a limited budget for a particular case but you still need to be prepared with trial exhibits as visual aids


 When should I NOT use Stock Trial Exhibits?

If you have a very complex personal injury or medical malpractice case, stock trial exhibits are not recommended. For complex cases, case specific trial exhibits are best to maximize the value of the case and obtain the maximum damages award for your client. For case specific medical trial exhibits visit MedLegalVisuals at: http://www.medlegalvisuals.com

Can I Add my client's name to any of the Stock Trial Exhibits or Modify any of the Stock Trial Exhibits?

Yes. To add your client's name please choose the customize with name option when ordering.  If you would like to customize any of the exhibits you see online for a specific case, please contact us.  A simple customization such as adding your client's name can be added to your order quickly.  For this request, please call MedLegalVisuals at 1-877-789-4200

What If I don't see the trial exhibit I need?
If you don't see a stock exhibit that fits your needs, a case specific trial exhibit may better fit your needs. Please contact us via email with your request for a stock exhibit inquiry at: info@stocktrialexhibits.com. and you will be contacted very soon. 

Will the website be updated with any new Stock Trial Exhibits?
Yes.  We are always adding new trial exhibits to the website usually every week, so check back often for new stock trial exhibits!

HELP!  I need case specific trial exhibits for my case - Who can I call?
Call MedLegalVisuals toll free at: 1-877-789-4200 to speak to someone right away about your upcoming case or for any case specific trial exhibit requests. You can also visit their website for more information at: http://www.medlegalvisuals.com or email: contactus@medical-legal-visuals.com.