Brain Anatomy and Functions Trial Exhibit


This trial exhibit shows the lateral view of the brain highlighting the lobes of the brain with descriptions listing brain functions. Stock Medical Illustration of the brain with colorized boxes that contain detailed descriptions of normal brain functions and color coordinate to the area of the brain where the lobe is located. This medically accurate trial exhibit features the normal brain anatomy stock medical illustration shown in the lateral view with descriptive labels of the lobes and respective body functions. 

This stock medical exhibit is available for immediate purchase and instant digital download for your digital presentation. Useful for settlement, mediation, or trial presentation purposes. You can also purchase high quality print format in small, medium and large sizes.

NOTE: To order the exhibit as an instant digital download, you must make a selection from BOTH drop down menus.

1.) First select the Size as: Small (8.5"x11")

2.) Then ALSO select the format: As "Digital Presentation Digital file" or choose "Print Presentation Digital File" for the highest quality resolution digital file

Then click the Add to cart button

Digital downloadable files available in:

  • digital presentation format (quality resolution jpg for any digital presentation, etc.)
  • print presentation digital file (high quality print resolution) ready for you to print from your own computer and also use in any digital presentations, large projection displays or have enlarged and printed at any time. 

FREE Ground Shipping in the U.S. on Small Size Printed format. 

  • Small size (8.5" x 11") 2 high quality color prints (+ INCLUDES DIGITAL FILE)
  • medium size (22.5" x 30") high quality printed trial exhibit board mounted on foam core and laminated
  • large size (30" x 40") high quality printed trial exhibit board mounted on foam core and laminated


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