Cervical Spine Fusion C3-C5 ACDF, two views


This trial exhibit graphically depicts a two-level ACDF procedure at the C3-C5 levels in the anterior and lateral views. Medical illustrations show the postoperative cervical spine with plate and screws hardware, and with bone allografts inserted into C3-C4 and C4-C5 levels for stabilization. The exhibit includes descriptive labels of cervical anatomy and postoperative residual hardware. 

This stock medical exhibit is available for purchase in multiple sizes for settlement, mediation, or trial presentation purposes, in both digital and printed formats.

Please select from the drop down menu above for both Size and Format to select price. For instant digital download of exhibit, select Small (8.5" x 11") for the Size and Digital Presentation digital file or Print Presentation digital file for the Format.

Digital downloadable files available in:

  • digital presentation format (screen resolution jpg for powerpoint presentations, etc.)
  • print presentation file (high resolution) ready for you to print on your own computer

Printed formats available in:

  • small size (8.5" x 11") 2 high quality prints
  • medium size (22.5" x 30") high quality printed trial exhibit board mounted on foam core and laminated
  • large size (30" x 40") high quality printed trial exhibit board mounted on foam core and laminated

Please contact MedLegalVisuals to customize this exhibit or for Custom Medical Illustrations for Personal Injury Cases to show cervical spine injuries, surgeries and postoperative hardware, ACDF.

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