Right Knee Arthroscopic Surgery Synovectomy and Medial Meniscectomy


This trial exhibit depicts a right knee arthroscopic surgery with synovectomy of the compartments and medial meniscectomy of the right knee. Surgery shows initial diagnostic arthroscopy of the right knee for orientation of anatomy and location of injuries. A medial view shows synovectomy being performed and finally a superior view of the tibia is shown, with an enlarged view that graphically depicts the medial meniscus tear injury being resected with shaver instrument. All views of the knee are shown with descriptive anatomy and injury labels, for easy identification.


This stock medical exhibit is available for purchase and immediate download in multiple sizes for settlement, mediation, or trial presentation purposes, in both digital and printed formats.


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    * Size: Large (30" x 40") Format: 1 Printed trial exhibit board (Ideal for trial presentation, high quality print mounted on foam core and laminated) *Free ground shipping on all printed trial exhibits!

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