Best Stock Medical Illustrations in 2020 for Settlement, Mediation or Trial January 17 2020

The Best Stock Medical Illustrations online database in 2020 for Settlement, Mediation or Trial from High quality, reusable trial exhibits for all types of personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Clear, concise and medically accurate trial exhibits can be ordered quickly and easily online from and downloaded instantly as a digital file or you can have color prints or trial-sized exhibits printed and shipped right to your office or home.

Lumbar Compression Fracture - L1 Vertebral Fracture Trial Exhibit for Personal Injury Cases March 27 2019

Lumbar Compression Fractures: This trial exhibit depicts an L1 vertebral compression fracture in a close up view, showing details of the vertebral fracture injury with compression of the vertebral body and shifting of the vertebral column resulting from the injury. A detailed medical illustration of the L1 compression fracture in the lateral view is shown with descriptive labels of anatomy and injury.