New Stock Trial Exhibits Coming Soon for Personal Injury Cases.. January 14 2016

New selections of stock trial exhibits for all types of personal injury & medical malpractice cases coming soon! High quality, reusable medical exhibits for less. Visit: for new selections of stock medical exhibits every week on general anatomy, common injuries, medical conditions, pain management treatments and surgical procedures. Anytime. Anywhere. Be Prepared. Browse medical exhibits online, instantly download medical exhibits for digital presentations and order trial-sized exhibits quickly and easily online. 

Stock medical exhibits from Stock Trial Exhibits can show normal anatomy to orient the viewer, or these trial exhibits can help to explain human anatomy and show the contrast to a traumatic injury like a cervical disc herniation. Normal anatomy trial exhibits can help show the viewer your client's condition as normal, before an accident or injury.  These trial exhibits can educate the viewer on the medical terms that describe the anatomy and also to familiarize the viewer with the area of anatomy involved in your client's case and give them a foundation of understanding. Trial exhibits showing normal anatomy used in this fashion, can be used for every case as a starting point to educate and engage the viewer. These trial exhibits are used as stock exhibits or reusable medical exhibits. Stock trial exhibits can be reused in other similar cases saving you time and money!