Brain Injury Medical Illustrations from Stock Trial Exhibits... November 14 2017

Normal Ventricles of the Brain vs Hydrocephalus Brain Injury

Brain Injury Medical Illustrations from Stock Trial Exhibits available as digital download or printed large format exhibits for use in settlement negotiations or trial presentation. High quality, reusable medical illustrations of various brain injuries including; TBI, Traumatic Brain Injuries, diffuse brain damage, diffuse axonal injuries, acceleration - deceleration head injuries, acute brain injuries, hydrocephalus and normal anatomy medical illustrations of the brain. 

Stock Exhibits contain clear, concise medical illustrations for use as stock trial exhibits in all types of personal injury cases. Medical illustrations used as Stock Trial Exhibits can be purchased from and downloaded instantly as a digital file for immediate use in mediation or settlement negotiations. You can also order large trial-sized exhibits that can be printed and shipped to your office or home.