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high quality, reusable medical exhibits for all types of personal injury cases. Trial attorneys nationwide utilize Stock Trial Exhibits as the #1 resource to purchase stock medical exhibits online quickly and easily. Digital downloads starting at $199.00 featuring normal anatomy exhibits, common injuries such as disc protrusions, disc herniations or bulges, fractures, cervical fusion, total joint replacements and more are all available for immediate download.

New medical exhibits are released every week from Stock Trial Exhibits and you can request an exhibit any time directly on the website. These high quality reusable medical trial exhibits can be purchased directly online right from your smartphone, mobile device or computer quickly and easily and even reused in other similar cases, as reusable trial exhibits, saving you time and money at

Use trial exhibits in your next personal injury or medical malpractice case for settlement negotiations, plaintiff demand letters, mediations, video depositions and trial presentation and maximize your results today! If you need case specific medical exhibits contact MedLegalVisuals today to get started.