Presentation of Ankle Fracture Injuries for Settlement, Mediation or Trial.. January 18 2019

The Presentation of Ankle Fracture Injuries for Settlement, Mediation or Trial can be an important part of your case to maximize damages for your clients. Stock Trial Exhibits provides the best selection of stock medical legal illustrations including medical exhibits depicting all types of fracture injuries. Trial exhibits showing; Medial malleolar fractures, fibular fractures, bimalleolar fractures and trimalleolar fractures are all available for immediate digital download or you can have exhibits enlarged and printed for trial presentation.

Typically ankle fractures are intra articular fractures in which the break crosses the surface of a joint. This always results in damage to the cartilage. Intra articular have a higher risk for developing long-term complications, such as post traumatic osteoarthritis so it is imperative to visualize these injuries to best present them. Fractures of the tibia can also lead to osteoarthritis of the knee joint and then require a total knee replacement. is dedicated to providing high quality, reusable trial exhibits for all types of personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Clear, concise and medically accurate trial exhibits can be ordered quickly and easily online from and downloaded instantly as a digital file or you can have color prints or trial-sized exhibits printed and shipped right to your office or home. When you need effective visual aids on a limited budget and you need them fast - you need stock trial exhibits.